How to guide

How to guide

LooneyCall is easy to use, you can start using it right now without changing a thing! *

Follow these easy steps:

  1. Dial 10-15-565 followed by the normal number you would call in one consecutive sequence
    • After dialing 10-15-565, do not wait for the dial tone. Just dial 10-10-580 and the subsequent numbers in one consecutive sequence.
    • For calls to North America or the Caribbean dial 10-15-565 + 1 + area code + phone number
    • For calls outside North America or the Caribbean dial 10-15-565 + 011 + country code + phone number
  2. Enjoy great call quality and rates without switching long distance providers
  3. Your call will be billed on your home phone bill automatically

Benefits of LooneyCall

  1. No additional invoices – Your long distance charges show up on your regular phone bill!
  2. No switching carriers
  3. No credit applications
  4. No connection fees
  5. No monthly fees
  6. No surcharges
  7. No contracts
  8. All rates are effective 24/7

*10-15-565 is compatible with most Land Lines in Canada. The service will not work with cell phones, payphones, hotel phones, dormitories, and most businesses.